5 steps to the marketing makeover process

There are five steps in the Extreme Marketing Makeover process. The first is the marketing inventory. The second is an analysis of the existing sales process. I start at the beginning––at client attraction––and work all the way to the end, to maximizing lifetime value.

The third step is to create a new, ideal sales process that is shorter and more effective. Once that new ideal sales process is in place, I identify specific points within the sales process that could be directly supported by what I call “good marketing.” And I define good marketing as any activity that speeds, shortens, streamlines, or favorably influences the outcome of the sales process.

For example, when people think about marketing, they often focus on the client attraction process. But marketing materials or messages can be strategically placed anywhere along that sales process continuum. When a salesperson shows a prospect a flyer with a time-sensitive offer at some point prior to presenting the price, that’s effective marketing and it’s supporting the sales process. Better marketing doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive. It needs to be supportive of moving the transaction ahead to a successful conclusion.

I describe this in great detail in the book.

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