Asking for advice: It’s a real game changer!

Many years ago, I discovered a highly effective technique that allowed me to open doors and obtain a one-on-one audience with a number of prominent and influential people in key positions.

I am convinced that these were people with whom I otherwise never would have been able to meet or talk to face to face… or who, most likely, never would have given me the time of day had I tried to approach them in any other way.

Throughout the years, this technique has allowed me to speak to business owners, CEOs, opinion leaders, and key people in many different industries and in almost every walk of life.

And I know it can do exactly the same for you.

Whether you are seeking employment or advancement or attempting to pitch and land a new client… I promise you that the Advice Call Technique I want to teach you will serve you well – once you learn it, practice it and, most importantly, make it your own.

In fact, you have my personal guarantee that once you learn it and practice it you never again will attempt to knock on the front door again.

You will simply ask for advice. (And you’ll get good advice because I’ll be teaching you how to ask wisely.)

Once you learn it, you will find that the Advice Call Technique works better and more consistently than any other single approach for getting a job, skyrocketing your career, or landing a new client.  Continue reading –>

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