Broadway here we come

“Who killed the business?” didn’t make the cover of Variety on Saturday morning, but we definitely should have.

To put it in the words of co-producer Dr. Loren Murfield, “This has been an exhilarating experience. I loved how everyone made their character come alive.” He nailed it. Each of the cast members are characters in real life. Give them a script and a mission, they become bigger-than-life hilarious.

As much fun as the eight of us had playing our respective roles, the audience at Tampa’s Centre Club was thoroughly engaged. They took copious notes and argued back and forth as to which of the six possible team members killed the business. They laughed and enjoyed solving the puzzle with others at their table.

Suffice it to say, we did a great job of making each of the players look so guilty the audience missed the killer the first time through. With a little extra insight and a hint they found their killer.

Of course, in real life, it’s always management that kills the business. Sure, there are outside circumstances, such as the economy, change in technologies, a rogue employee, or competition that plays a hand. In our mystery drama, we excluded the business owner as the perpetrator.

People who know me professionally know my mantra: “People don’t start listening until they start talking.” That’s how “Who Killed the Business?” was born –– the need for a highly interactive, audience participatory event in which everyone had a chance to share their opinions. And that’s exactly how it turned out.

If you missed it, don’t fret. It may return –– with a different story line, different roles, and a different killer. I’m already looking for ways to package “Who Killed the Business?” — either to take it on the road or help others produce their own version. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s also highly educational. We’ll see what doors open.

cast photoThe cast, left to right: Dr. Loren Murfield, Elaine Bovinette, Ryan G, Thanecha Anderson, Dave DeVelder, Eric Smith, Chris Myers, Jenna Waites, and Gil Effron. Special thanks to our stage manager Valerie Lipstein.

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