How to Close More Business in Less Time

“Gil Effron’s book provides a logical, digestible process any small business owner or marketing director can follow to enhance their sales process, shorten their sales cycle, and build a stronger brand. It’s a must read!” SUSAN WILSON SOLOVIC, THE Small Business Expert


How to Close MORE Business in LESS Time!


An authoritative, easy-to-read guide for start-ups and experienced businesses of all sizes.

Based on a proven methodology and loaded with real-world examples and case studies, the promise contained in the title comes to life as you learn how to close more business more book badgeefficiently and in less time.

  • Learn how to create and choreograph an ideal sales process that helps you close more business and better business in less time
  • Discover how marketing can support your sales process throughout the entire sales process — including maximizing lifetime relationships from existing customers.
  • Become an expert at identifying and eliminating points of constraint that slow the sales process and prevent closing the sale
  • Learn how to shorten your sales cycle, streamline your sales process, and eliminate points of constraint by “working backward”
  • And much more!

Every engine — from a lawn mower to a jet engine — has one thing in common. No matter how small or how large and powerful those engines, they all require fuel. The fuel may vary from regular gasoline to special blends of aviation fuel, but the purpose of that fuel is always the same: to make the engine run at peak performance.

All businesses — from start-ups getting underway to well-established, multi-national corporations — share a common fuel, too. That fuel is sales.

In the same way the engine stops when the fuel dries up, a business stops when a necessary level of sales disappears.

There’s one more common bond all businesses share. It is always in the best interest of the business to close business more efficiently and, given a choice, to do so in less time rather than more time.

That’s the primary mission of my new book: To help you close more business in less time!

The information and ideas I share work as effectively for start-ups as they do for small, medium, and large businesses that have years of experience under their belts. For those beginning to think about starting a business, the information in this book will help ensure when your business launches, you’ll have a significant and strategic advantage over any business whose founder or leadership team has not worked with the information in this book. At the same time, you’ll be increasing the likelihood that you will not only survive, but also thrive for many years to come.

Learn why, in her Foreword, Susan Wilson Solovic, THE Small Business Expert, said, “It’s right on target for today’s busy, over-burdened business owners––a must read!”

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“Gil Effron has taken the business of closing sales and made it so easy for your customers to say yes. If you want expert help on closing sales, buy this book and start making money the easy way.” – Jacqueline Wales, The Fearless Factor


“Gil Effron’s approach to closing more business in less time is a magic bullet for businesses that want to grow their bottom line.” – Harry Helmrich, ABCO Printing


 “A must-read for any business owner that has limited resources and sees the wisdom in thinking strategically rather than throwing money at seemingly quick fix solutions.” – Kent McVey, Show+Tell


“This book absolutely is indispensible for any business that has a lengthy and complex sales cycle and finds itself butting heads with competitors who only know how to lowball.” -- Nancy Moon, Moon PR


How to Close More Business in Less Time is an excellent guide for start-ups as well as a checklist for established businesses. Just follow the steps outlined in his book to increase your close rate immediately. It’s a must read.”  – Marvin Montgomery, Author, Motivational Speaker, Professional Sales Trainer & Coach