The most important letter you will ever write

Even if you never mail it, writing a one-page sales letter will clarify your thinking and your marketing and sales message. Plus, it’s a great learning experience for you and has far reaching applications.

A well-written, direct-to-the-point one-page sales letter helps you clarify your valueSurvey13 propositions, pitch, message, and language.

It helps you focus your reader on the intended outcome of that letter –– the specific action you want the reader or prospect to take. That could be to buy, call, send an email, and so on.

Whether I’m working on my own marketing materials or I’ve been contracted to do a writing assignment for client, I always start with a one-page sales letter –– even if that letter will never be mailed to a prospect.

I write the letter because I’ve learned that developing and writing a simple one-page sales letter…

1) helps me address the problem or problems I solve on behalf of the reader/prospect

2) specifically outlines the solutions I have in mind for solving the problem or problems, and

3) asks for the sale (that next step you want your prospect to take).

It’s a very simple formula: Problem. Solution. Call to action.

Once you have your carefully forged one-page sales letter in hand, you can apply the format and content to everything in your marketing arsenal –– from your elevator pitch to a flyer or email campaign, and even to your sales pitch.


Write your sales letter following my three-step formula. Then, email it to me. I’ll review/edit/critique your one-page letter.

If I see some minor issues that you can fix on your own. I’ll let you know what those are. NO CHARGE.

If I see major issues, I will either edit your sales letter or rewrite it completely so that it will generate maximum response. I can’t tell you what that will cost. But I can tell you that it will be extremely affordable.

Send your draft of your sales letter to Gil [@] Subject line: One-page sales letter. Be sure to include your name and contact information. I’ll try to contact you within 24 to 36 hours.

If you have a question, call me at 813-489-9596.