Frequently Asked Questions

Will you tell me things I don’t want to hear? Most likely yes, and often within our first conversations. But that’s a good thing. The sooner business owners face reality, the sooner we are able to eliminate today’s mistakes and set a course to avoid future mistakes and the greater will be your confidence to proceed safely, effectively, and profitably.

What if my problems too big? Our first order of business will be to take a look at mistakes you’re currently making. I look to identify the 2 or 3 biggest mistakes or “points of constraint.” Once we do that, many of the smaller mistakes will resolve themselves. Then we turn our attention to the future looking for those landmines that could explode if you don’t tread carefully.

What if you can’t help me? If, after I see where you are and what the challenges are I determine that I can’t help you personally, I know people and professionals who can. These are other professional, experienced entrepreneurs, and/or retired business owners who share my personal admiration for those who risk so much to venture out on their own and to slay all the dragons that stand in their way.

Do we need to meet personally? I always prefer to meet face to face. In the greater New York City area and the greater Tampa Bay area, I can do that. If you’re not in one of these markets, we can work via phone or Skype, as I currently do with business owners from New York to Cincinnati to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our conversations over Skype would be confidential and private. Therefore it would be important for you to have a private place to talk.

What types of businesses can you work with? I can work with almost any business in any industry. It really doesn’t matter if they are retail, service, or manufacturing. The reason is that the problems and issues that business owners have are generally very similar. Personally, I enjoy working with service businesses because they can make changes in their businesses very quickly. I also enjoy working with businesses in the home remodeling industry. No special reason other than I find owners of home remodeling businesses extremely receptive to my consulting and intervention.

What are your fees? My fees vary based on your situation. Mostly, it’s a function of time. At the end of our initial conversation I’ll be able to give you an idea as to fees. I’ll tell you up front, they are very reasonable –– not only because I say so, but because the business owners I work with find them affordable.

What if legal advice is needed? I do not and cannot provide legal or accounting advice. However, business owner to business owner, I am often able to suggest one or more strategies that you might try as stopgap strategies. For example, if you’re holding too many accounts receivables, I can provide you with ideas to get that money coming in. If that doesn’t work, then you’d want to contact an attorney. The same is true accounting advice. We’ll spend a great deal of time talking about money and finances. Once I see where you are and various issues, we’ll very likely connect with your accountant and bring him or her up to speed.

As a coach, consultant, advisor, and mentor, what is the most difficult obstacle you face when working with clients? When clients are willing to admit they don’t know what they don’t know and when they are willing to listen and not argue, we make great strides. When they argue and resist advice and recommendations (from me or anyone else) it’s a waste of time. My initial call and meeting allows me to learn about you and visa versa.

If you have additional questions, CLICK HERE and tell me what’s on your mind. I will respond as quickly as possible. If you are in immediate peril, call me at 347-920-3272.