Better hide! It’s Friday the 13th!

Knock on wood I’ve never been superstitious. So typically I don’t think twice about walking under a ladder, tipping over a saltshaker, breaking a mirror, or having a black cat cross my cat9B

So I confidently go about my business fully aware that there is no direct correlation between that black cat and the sky falling in. Consequently, I don’t often stop to think about Friday the 13th as being either lucky or unlucky.

But sometimes I do think about luck – or the lack of it. For example, I’ve never won the lottery, at least nothing more than five bucks. And while I could blame my personal lack of winnings on a lack of luck, my real failure to win probably comes from the fact that I rarely, if ever, buy lottery tickets. And because I know from past experience that I never come close, I don’t think about buying tickets. I guess it’s like a viscous circle.

I do feel lucky about a lot of things. I feel lucky to have a fantastic wife, great kids, extraordinary grand-kids, lots of friends including one that goes all the way back to sixth grade, business colleagues, associates, and on and on.

I also feel lucky to be able to do what I love to do in my professional life – from writing blog posts to helping other business owners accomplish more and more. (Perhaps they feel lucky to know me. That’d be nice!)

And I feel lucky when, for example, a new client seems to fall from the sky… you know, “the call from out of nowhere.” And new clients have come along when I least expected it. But was that really the result of good luck or because of a lot of effort on my part in many ways and in many different directions over a long, long time?

Or maybe that kind of good luck is more like good karma or some mysterious underlying law of attraction in the universe that says when we give generously and unselfishly to others we receive good things from others in return? It’s that old “what goes around comes around” thing.

I’ve known a lot of very successful business people throughout the years. From my perspective, it might seem that they are where they are as a matter of luck. But I wonder if I asked them about their success that they’d attribute that success to good luck, to the years of effort they spent growing their businesses, or to the fact that their personal efforts created what I see as good luck.

I don’t know that people are lucky or unlucky. I think it all has to do with our perception of things and ourselves. I could, for example, feel unlucky about something in my life and yet someone else would look at me and want to know what magic I possessed to be so lucky.

My wish for you is that good luck follows you wherever you go on this Friday the 13th. (But just in case, watch out for the black cat!)

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