Is your goal line in the right place?

Next time you approach a hot new prospect, why not move the goal line.

Instead of focusing on how you’re going to land your first big deal, readjust your thinking goal line88and your sales process to land a customer for life.

In other words, set out from day one to build a lifetime relationship in which that soon-to-be new customer continually buys from you and relies upon you.

  • Build genuine rapport by taking time to get to know your prospect and for them to get to know you.
  • Help them understand you and your team treat all your clients by providing the best quality, service, and follow-through in the industry.
  • During your initial courting phase and after they become a client, forward emails or articles of interest that cross your desk. It’s a practically effortless to do so and it’s a great way to say, “I’m thinking about you.”
  • Send a handwritten thank you note after your initial meeting or a box of Robin’s Cookies. Heck, send them a thank you just to say thank you.
  • Follow up with them within a few days after their first order and every order delivers. Think of this not only as a quality assurance call, but also an ideal time to initiate a conversation about their future needs.
  • Meet with them personally throughout the year, to touch base about challenges and issues they may be having. When it’s practical to do so, include a lunch with that visit.
  • Make sure you know their critical dates such as birthdates or anniversaries. Send cards or notes that are appropriate to them.

Of course this instantly makes sense for businesses that sell to the same customer or client on a regular basis. But not all products and services fall under that umbrella.

People don’t remodel their home every year and they don’t upgrade their entire computer network every year. But they may, at some time in the future.

In the meantime, each and every client and customer you have knows other people. Your continued attention keeps you top of mind so when they’re having dinner with friends and the subject of a new kitchen or new computer network comes up, your happy client says, “Call my friend….”

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