The greatest review ever received!

Naturally, I love it when someone tells me how much they enjoyed the book or how it helped them improve their closing ratio.

16537110 - emoticon showing thumb upBut one compliment has always stood out as a testimonial to the power of How to Close More Business in Less Time to bring about a significant improvement and outcome.

I met Susan G. at a networking event in New York City. I always carry a few books with me at events like that hoping someone will ask, “What are you reading?” or “What’s the book?” She did and asked if I would sell her one. (I never say no.)

How to Close More Business in Less Time was written and targeted for business owners – especially smaller businesses in which working smarter not harder is critical.

Susan was a team leader at a top-name financial services organization. In her charge were 20 associates. Her job was to keep them motivated and, most importantly closing more business. Needless to say, Susan wasn’t the market I wrote for the book.

Five months later I received a phone call from Susan. She asked if we could have coffee and we scheduled a time and place.

When she arrived, she brought the book she purchased from me. It looked like it had been through a street fight and lost.

Around the outside of the book were dozens of tabs – different colors, some with scribbles on them. Susan hadn’t only read the book. She studied it!

She reported that her team not only showed the greatest percentage of improvement over the previous quarter but were the number one team in the firm –– simply because she put the principles of How to Close More Business in Less Time to work.


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