Have Ideas, Will Travel

Throughout my life, I’ve moved from city to city. From Cincinnati to Lansing, Michigan, to Cleveland to Florida to North Carolina to seven years in New York City and back to Florida. (Whoops, I forgot St. Louis.)

I look at my longtime friends who spent their entire life in one place. In many ways, I’m envious of their roots. But as new-york90I think of all the new people I’ve met and experiences I’ve had by being a vagabond, perhaps they were the ones missing out. (I sometimes wonder if they’re envious of me for the gypsy in my blood.)

I also have friends who have been in the same business or career their entire lives. In many ways, I’m envious of them for that. But I couldn’t do that. My nature has always been to try something else –– to learn about something new, to take a risk.

This isn’t a huge problem until it’s time for me to update my LinkedIn profile or write a personal bio. What do I say? After all, I am a business advisor, a marketing strategist, a consultant, an outsourced marketing department for two businesses, a writer, coach, mentor, and an author. And I love it all.

It just happens. When clients asked for help with marketing (and when I realized their so-called marketing problem ran much deeper), I pulled together a team of experienced business consultants and advisors and developed ProfitAbility Institute.

When I recognized the challenges businesses were having getting their websites convert and close business, I developed another team, the Strategic Marketing Team.

When it came time to find an efficient way to work with smaller businesses in trouble, friend and colleague Tom Panaggio and I developed Apogee Growth as a subset of ProfitAbility Institute. We focus on eliminating points of constraint and turning the ship around in the shortest amount of time.

Then, for fun and when I have the time, there’s nothing more rewarding for me than working one on one with business owners as a mentor or coach. Watching clients overcome challenges and helping them reinvigorate and energize their businesses is personally fulfilling to me.

The question is, am I a migrant worker without roots? Or am I lucky to be able to move and learn and enjoy so many different opportunities? Okay, problem solved. I’ll go with the latter and won’t worry about the LinkedIn profile.

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