Background to writing my book

When someone asks what was the background to writing How to Give Your Business an Extreme Marketing Makeover, here’s what I tell them.

I’ve been in business for 35 years, most of those years as a provider of marketing services. Where each of us is today is always the sum total of our entire experiences. So my lifetime of experience working with businesses of all sizes, shapes, and industrial categories is my best credential.

When the bubble burst two years ago, my clients––and the business owners I spoke with––were facing major difficulties. Marketing budgets disappeared. It was a matter of life or death, and survival. I had to help them find ways of working smarter, not harder.

I’m highly analytical to begin with. That led me to look at a business or organization’s approach to marketing differently. In doing so, my first step was to eliminate marketing activities that were not pulling their own weight. Next, I needed to understand what challenges the organization––and especially the sales department––was facing. This led me to explore the organization’s current sales process––what was working and what wasn’t.

Once I understood those two elements, it was easier for me to choreograph a marketing approach that directly and specifically supported the sales process.

Those ultimately became the first three steps of my Extreme Marketing Makeover process.

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