Help me write my next book


Help me write my next Amazon Bestseller!

Whether business owners consciously think about their sales process or simply keep doing what they’ve always done regardless of the outcome, every business has a sales process.

Unfortunately, one or more critically important steps within a sales process can cause the process to slow or stop or derail completely. What should have been a profitable sale evaporates –– the opportunity gone forever.

Problematic steps within the sales process could be prospecting, pricing, dealing with the competition, not being able to get beyond “We’ll think about it,” your inability to close the sale and, if even if you do close the sale, never seeing that once-profitable customer again.

But a sales process doesn’t have to be your business’ worst enemy.

The goal of my next book (hopefully another Amazon Bestseller) is to help business owners understand how to recognize constraints in their sales process and then how to repair and improve it. That’s where you come in. I’m looking for a dozen case studies and you could be one.

If you qualify to become one of the case studies…

1) I will work with you and personally coach you to identify and understand your top 3 sales process constraints and then…

2) I will provide you with one or more strategic solutions for streamlining and improving your sales process outcomes –– both quantitatively and qualitatively.


To qualify, it doesn’t matter if you are business-to-business or business-to-consumer, a solopreneur or business with many employees, barely making payroll or generating a couple of million annually in sales.

As long as you’ve been up and running in business for a minimum of two years, your case study could be invaluable to my new book.


Click here to provide me with general information about your business.

From the list of 21 steps within a typical sales process on the application form, identify those you consider to be your top three sales process challenges. Rank them with 1 being most severe, 2 not as severe, and then 3. (If you have more than three, we’d talk about that during our initial phone call.)

If your challenges or constraints aren’t listed, you can add that at the bottom of the list in the “OTHER” box.

Once I receive your application, I’ll contact you to arrange a time to speak by telephone. During that phone call, I’ll ask for additional information about your business and the challenges within your sales process. You can ask me questions, too.

All telephone conversations and interviews are recorded and transcribed for technical accuracy and detail. Recordings of interviews will never be shared or broadcast. Also, in my new book and in various educational work/study materials I produce, I change the names of people and businesses for purposes of privacy, anonymity, and confidentiality.


In a follow-up telephone call that occurs within 5 to 7 days and starting with your primary point of constraint, I’ll help you develop a strategic solution to eliminate, minimize, and/or correct that constraint.

As time permits, we’ll also address your second and third constraints.

With strategic solutions in hand you can begin to repair your underperforming sales process and increase your ability to close more business and better business in less time. And that’s exactly what we’re looking to accomplish.


I’ll contact you within 30 to 60 days to set a final follow-up telephone call to check on your success in implementing strategic solutions for streamlining your sales process and achieving more favorable outcomes.


Your fee to participate in this case study program is $195. The fee is due and payable prior to the second telephone call –– the follow-up call.

Business owners ask, “Why do I pay if you’ll be using my case study in your new book?”

For starters, your financial buy-in helps assure your conscientious participation and engagement in the process and program.

Secondly, you’ll be receiving coaching advice and strategic recommendations worth many thousands of dollars. That makes your nominal fee a quid pro quo. You receive a tremendous value. I get what I need.

Get started now. Click here to provide me with your contact information and general information about your business and to identify what you believe are your top three constraints. Then press the submit button. That gets the process rolling.

If you have a question about the program or process, contact me directly at 813-489-9596 or email Gil [at] GilEffron [dot] com. Subject line: Case studies.

Best regards,