Is your website telling or selling?

Over all, many of the websites I come across do a great job at conveying good, solid information. They tell a great story.

The problem is, except for hobbyists, most people who create websites want to sell lecturer2something.

But their websites don’t sell!

In my bestselling book, How to Close More Business in Less Time, I speak about websites as a vital part of the sales process. I go on to say that a website is its own self-contained sales process –– moving readers through a series of steps that begin with addressing a problem and educating a prospective buyer to ultimately closing the sale… plus follow-up after the sale.

While video is becoming a more prevalent component in websites built for selling, most business websites and marketing communications continue to be driven almost entirely by the written word.

But writing copy that can effectively move a consumer through all the steps of a sales process and culminate in a better than average closing ratio isn’t as easy as it looks. In fact, it’s extremely difficult.

That’s why I condensed my many years of marketing and writing experience to create a Handbook for business owners and marketing professionals. It’s entitled If you want to WRITE like a marketing pro, you first need to THINK like a marketing pro. It explains the challenges businesses need to be overcome when it comes to using the written word to create websites and marketing materials that sell.

Effective writing for the web or any marketing activity begins with thinking like a marketing professional and understanding how to move a transaction from beginning to end (cash in the bank).

To learn more about this unique and valuable Handbook for business owners and marketing professionals entitled If you want to WRITE like a marketing pro, you first need to THINK like a marketing pro, CLICK HERE.

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