Learn how to write like a marketing pro in only 30 minutes

MarketVid’s Friday Webchat featuring Gil Effron

Tricky headline, I know, but in my dark and sordid past in advertising I learned to write headlines and get attention in some sneaky ways.

What I’m really trying to say in that headline is that when you watch this 30-minute MarketVid Friday Webchat, you’ll learn about an extraordinary upcoming Marketing Writing Workshop that I’ll be conducting to teach both the art and science of marketing writing.

In association with my friends at MarketVid, the International Marketing Video Association, the Marketing Writing Workshop includes three 60-minute online workshops and three specially designed writing assignments for each to reinforce the science of marketing writing and to give you a hands on experience in writing. In addition, I’ll personally critique each of your writing and assignments and then coach you one-on-one.

In our coaching calls via Skype, I’ll point out where I think you did well in applying the science of marketing writing that we’ll be talking about and suggest ways that you can improve your writing.

Rick Dearborn, president of MarketVid, has scheduled the online workshops at noon Eastern Time for three consecutive Tuesdays in April 2012 –– April 3, April 10, and April 17. Because it’s often difficult to be in front of a computer at a specific time, MarketVid will record the Marketing Writing Workshop. You can watch it at any time –– and watch it as often as you like. The coaching sessions will be scheduled as you turn in your writing assignments.

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of being Rick’s guest on MarketVid’s Friday Webchat. I talk about the art and science of marketing writing and outline how the Marketing Writing Workshop works. Click here to watch the 30-minute Friday Webchat.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll get a job with a top international marketing agency as a result of this Marketing Writing Workshop. But I can guarantee that your writing will improve measurably and that you’ll see that improvement where it counts the most: in more sales for your business, more prospects to talk to, a shorter and more efficient sales cycle, and much more.


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