Light years ahead of any ordinary public speaking course

At a Manhattan Chamber of Commerce event one morning, I met Tommy Galan of the Peoples Improv Theater.

Tommy shared his background and talked about his work at “The PIT.” I’d always been interested… well curious about improv. Not that I wanted to be a standup comedian, but for one reason or another, improv intrigued me.

I learned that Tommy was teaching an improv version of public speaking and that it was targeted to business people. I said, “Sign me up.” (Ultimately, I recruited four friends to join me.)

To get a feeling for what my first (but not my last) experience was like, read my GUEST BLOG at Improv Your Work, CLICK HERE.

By the way, Tommy will be teaching the Public Speaking Improv class I mention above again on Wednesday, March 7. It’s a one-night workshop from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. It’s powerful stuff and a great experience. Click here for more information.

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2 Responses to Light years ahead of any ordinary public speaking course

  1. Rick Raymond says:

    Gil… Thank you for introducing us to Tommy. I’m signed up for his next class. Rick

  2. Mike Bacon says:

    If you’re serious about improving both your extemporaneous and your prepared speaking ability– not to mention your leadership skills– I recommend that after you have finished Tommy Galan’s one-time class that you go to and find a Toastmasters club near you to visit. Pick a few that are on days, times, and locations convenient to you. Visit a few meetings and decide if you want to commit the TIME to your professional development. The dues are incredibly little.

    I have known everyone from “wallflowers” to professional speakers to benefit from active Toastmasters membership in my 34 years in TI. Whenever I have professionally trained speakers through my own business I always tell them I can return quarterly or as often as your company is willing to pay me– but whatever they do they should all join Toastmasters. I can train them faster as speakers, but Toastmasters will train them more cost-effectively. Mike Bacon

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