Programs and Marketing Tools

When it comes to marketing, you want to pay attention to two primary activities. The first, of course, is strategic marketing planning designed designed to directly support your sales process. (Read my book.) The second is implementation… i.e., getting the job done quickly, efficiently, and professionally. Because it’s sometimes better to invest in existing programs rather than attempting to build them yourself from scratch, I strongly recommend the following marketing support programs and tools as real time savers.

Profitable Growth for Home RemodelersHow to Close More Business in Less Time is ideally suited for businesses that have complex sales processes and lengthy sales cycles. It also supports industries that face tough competition. That puts residential remodelers, home remodelers, residential contractors at the top of the list of businesses most likely to benefit from my book. While the book will tell them what they need to know, their success and profitability grows significantly when I work with them one-on-one. 

Private CoachingThere are times when business owners need more than a book. When that occurs, I’m available to work one-on-one with them not only to help them increase the effectiveness of their marketing and sales process, but more importantly to help them build a more successful and profitable business. It doesn’t matter where you’re located. We work by phone or Skype – usually for about an hour a week, but sometimes longer if and when needed. I don’t offer a set “program.” Everything I do is 100% personalized and customized to your business and your situation. No cookie cutter solutions.

Get Better Testimonials — My good friend and colleague Will Rico and I created in order to be able to prevent businesses that include testimonials in their marketing materials from falling into the hands of the FTC. More than a safety net, the approach gets great testimonials from your clients and customers.

Learn Marketing Writing — There’s a story behind every program I develop. I created my Private Marketing Writing Coaching Program to help a client who insisted on writing his own copy, but invariably missed the mark. If I could teach him how to sell his products effectively using the written word, I can teach you. Actually, I can teach anyone with a command of the English language and a desire to learn. If you have that desire contact me regarding my Private Marketing Writing Coaching Program.