A Message For Business Owners

Fellow Entrepreneur:

I freely admit I made more mistakes during my first two years of business than I could count. To this day, there are many that I won’t talk about, and many more I try not to think about.

With all that people told me throughout my life – about how we “learn more from our Oops sign2mistakes than we do from our successes” – it wasn’t adding up. I was making lots of mistakes and I wasn’t learning. My dream of vast fame and fortune quickly faded.

While mistakes were a way of life for me in the beginning of my journey into entrepreneurship, I was fortunate enough to get help along the way. That help allowed me to eliminate the mistakes I was already making in my business and, more importantly, to avoid those that were about to land in my lap.

The help I’m referring to came about when a long-time friend introduced me to a business consultant named Jack – at just the right time! (That’s another way of saying, “Before it was too late.”)

Jack, an older gentleman who spent his retirement years helping business owners like me, instantly recognized the mistakes I was making in my small ad agency in Ohio. In the weeks and months that followed, he coached and guided me as we made numerous changes in my business that eliminated the most dangerous mistakes.

And as thrilled and grateful as I was to eliminate today’s problems and mistakes, Jack was also able to help me see each and every potential business mistake that was looming on the horizon and heading my way.

I think I learned more from Jack in the eight months he worked with me and looked over my shoulder than through my entire life – including all the college, grad school, and post graduate school courses, as well as all my employment experiences combined.

Jack, if he were still around today would probably be in his late 90s. To me he was one of those unforgettable influencers who happen to come along at just the right time and who become touchstones of hope at a time we need it the most.

I learned a lot from Jack – from the nitty-gritty of day-to-day business operations, to planning, accountability, money management, marketing, the art of closing deals, negotiations, working with employees, and so on. But the most important lessons – the big lessons –– the three that are imbedded in my brain and have stayed with me all these years. They are what I now teach and preach:

  1. The less time business owners spend handling mistakes or “cleaning up after themselves,” the more time they have to be successful and the less stressful and more pleasant their lives will be.
  2. Learning from your successes can be a lot of fun (especially in the bank account) than struggling through a mountain of mistakes.

Every business owner needs a consultant, coach, mentor, advisor, and confidant like Jack looking over his or her shoulder.

Now, with 35+ years of business experience behind me, I can do for you exactly what Jack did for me.

As a consultant, coach, mentor and advisor, I can help you put your business mistakes behind you. By working together, we will identify which of these mistakes you’re making now, and identify those that could present devastating challenges in the distant and not-to-distant future.

Who needs to eliminate mistakes?

If you fit into one of these three categories, I can help you eliminate the mistakes you are currently making, and avoid the ones that are heading your way (ones that could blindside you and sink you when you least expect them).

Business Startups. People starting a business make tons of mistakes. That’s why so many start-ups fail so quickly. While most start-up business owners avoid asking for advice because they simply prefer to “figure things out on their own” or “do it their way,” they are the ones that are truly most vulnerable because they have so much to lose. The reason is they invest every penny into their new venture plus invest hour after hour of blood, sweat, and tears. They don’t get a second chance. If the business falters or collapses, they’re done for. Family savings gone. Time wasted. It’s back to working for someone else.

Emerging Businesses. Business owners can sometimes find themselves at the helm of a business that’s like a runaway freight train. The business is growing faster than they ever expected. In other words, they’re almost too successful too fast. The business is producing lots of revenue, but it’s also creating physical, mental, emotional, and financial demands on the business owner. It creates the need for more employees, more capital, and more issues than the business owner knows what to do with. If you ask them, they’ll tell you they feel like the business is running them. One of the telltale symptoms is they wake up in the morning in a cold sweat not knowing which fire or fires they’ll be able to put out today.

Cruise Control Businesses. Here’s how I describe is situation. You’ve made it big. Through years of dedication and hard work, you now sit at the helm of a successful business. You are financially stable corporately and personally. Your business (for the most part) runs like a top. While going to the bank every day is a lot of fun, the business doesn’t give you the same rush it did years ago. But you literally don’t know how to stop. In fact, you can’t stop. One reason is that you wouldn’t know what to do without the business. The other reason is that you simply don’t have an exit strategy. And the more frightening scenario is if, for whatever reason, you weren’t able to work tomorrow –– and there’s no one that could step in to take your place. Just like the start-up, you and your family have much to lose.

Eliminate today’s mistakes. Avoid the ones you don’t yet see!

I can help you in the same way Jack helped me by understanding the mistakes you are making today, and to foresee and forestall the mistakes heading directly toward you. Together we…

  1. Minimize and eliminate the mistakes you are making today – the ones that could lead to even more costly mistakes or total failure go away.
  2. Minimize and eliminate the critical mistakes you don’t realize are heading your way, and then identify strategies to deal with them long before they would land on your doorstep.

In many ways having me around would be like having a repair kit at your side to deal with today’s mistakes and challenges, and a crystal ball that looks into the future.

In fact, with foreknowledge about future mistakes, you’d be able to circumvent or drastically minimize all or most of them. Worst case, you would be able to substantially lessen the magnitude and impact of the mistakes you’re inevitably about make.

How do I know? In my 35+ years of business experience as an entrepreneur, I’ve made more than my share of mistakes. In addition, in my strategic business and marketing consulting practice, I’ve seen business owners make dozens (or hundreds) more mistakes –– some severe, others deadly. I’ve been able to help 85 percent of them. (The other 15 percent simply waited too long before seeking help.)

Now, the problem is that many business owners basically want to and like to do things their way. They’re not really looking for or open to advice that would help prevent them from making mistakes. Perhaps it’s that forge-ahead, damn-the-torpedoes thinking that makes entrepreneurs who and what they are. But the reality is that submarine captains and the submarines they live on are not indestructible.

It’s time for us to talk!

If things aren’t going exactly the way you want them to, if you know there are issues, challenges, and problems in your business that continue to go unaddressed, and if you’ve spent too long sitting in your office with no one other than your employees and/or your spouse to talk to, then you and I need to schedule a brief telephone conversation right away.

Here’s how to schedule our initial no cost, no-obligation conversation.

CLICK HERE. Tell me a little about you and your business and some of the issues that are plaguing your business today. Be sure to include your contact information and the best days/times for me to call you.

I am usually able to respond with 24 to 48 hours. However, if you are in immediate peril and need to talk today, please call me at 347-920-3272.

So promise me – actually promise yourself – that you won’t wait. The mistakes in your business today that go unaddressed, and the mistakes you don’t yet see, are ultimately business killers.

There’s no cost and no obligation. Let’s see if it makes sense for us to eliminate the mistakes you are making today, and prevent others from blindsiding you tomorrow!


Gil Effron

Consultant, Coach, Mentor, and Advisor

P.S.  I know many business owners are as pigheaded as I used to be, especially the part about wanting to do it on your own and sometimes too proud to ask for help. But a couple of slaps in the face, losses in the bank account, and too much personal stress are too high of a price to pay, particularly when you and I can have a dialog within the next 24 to 48 hours and begin a process to put those mistakes behind you. Contact me today!

P.P.S.   Have questions? CLICK HERE.