My new hobby

I recently had the pleasure of helping Andrew Weinberg and Rich Pisnoy, co-founders of Silver Fin Capital, a top-rated mortgage company located in Great Neck, New York and serving New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida, sharpen thSFC-logo-horizontal-cmykeir marketing, rebrand their image, and develop a new website.

My primary role was to serve as marketing strategist and project coordinator. That began by spending time with Andrew and Rich to thoroughly understand their business, sales process, and value propositions, and to conduct an in-depth SWOT analysis (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats).

My activities also included locating and directing a copywriter to turn the SWOT and value propositions into words, a designer to provide an exceptional new look from logo to finished website (and I found a truly great web designer in Len Williams of Design Strategies), and a plan for driving traffic to the Silver Fin Capital website. That plan includes both Adwords and SEO.

While I always enjoy being actively involved and hands-on in the creative process, working as project manager and with other highly competent creative people was a real hoot. I not only had a great time but the result speaks for itself. So I’ve found my new hobby: working with and directing a highly creative and talented team to bring about a truly exceptional outcome. CLICK HERE to see the new Silver Fin Capital website.

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