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The Handyman Story

Growing up in a middle-class neighborhood, my buddies and I were in awe of Mr. Smith (his real name) and his garage workshop. He was a retired mechanical engineer with more tools than any of us had ever seen. His hobby was fixing things.

From cars and appliances to broken windows, electrical shorts, and clogged drains, neighbors came to him with questions and for help. He always had the right tools and, most importantly, always had the knowledge and the right answers.

Think of me as a Mr. Smith. In my 35+ years as a marketing professional, I’ve accumulated vast knowledge, answers, tools, expertise, and know-how to fix or solve or simplify just about every marketing challenge, problem, or conundrum there is. And I love to help.

Let me know what you need and how I can help. Send me an email to Gil [at] MyMarketingHandyman [dot] com or call 813-489-9596.

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Gil Effron

  • Sales in a slump?
  • Not getting response to your marketing?
  • Competition stealing your customers?
  • Need good solutions and help NOW?
Experienced • Affordable • Smart Solutions

You don’t need the expense of an electrical engineer or home remodeling company when a handyman will do.

The same is true of marketing.

You don’t need to employ a full-time marketing director or contract with a Madison Avenue marketing firm when an experienced Marketing Handyman can provide you with effective, workable solutions today!

Businesses like yours can’t afford to continue making the costly mistakes or missing opportunities. Marketing Handyman Gil Effron is an experienced professional ready to jump in to get the job done at a price you can afford.

What Are Your Most Critical Marketing Challenges?

From occasional support to monthly recurring activities or when you’re footslogging through a period of lack-of-sales and need actionable marketing strategies and solutions, Marketing Handyman Gil Effron provides quick, qualified, and experienced solutions for smaller business and startups –– and for those business owners who serve as their own marketing department.

Here are a few of the ways Marketing Handyman Gil Effron can help you move forward quickly and effectively:

Brainstorming ideas
Brochures and collaterals
Closing more business in less time
CompetitorsCopy editing


Design and graphics

Direct mail

Direct marketing

Email marketing

Hard-hitting headlines

Identifying new markets

Improving customer service

Increasing sales

Increasing web traffic

Lead generation

Low cost promotions

Mailing strategies and servicesMarketing strategyMedia selectionNew product launchPowerPoint programs

Pricing/profit strategies

Print ads

Public relations

Sales aids

Sales promotion


Social media

Strategic planning

Target marketing

Web design


And much more!

Marketing Handyman Gil Effron is a bestselling author and veteran marketer. He provides quick, qualified, experienced solutions for marketing challenges, issues, and problems.

Gil can get you back on the right track, develop a strategy for driving better response and increasing sales, and everything in between.

“Let me know what you need and how I can help!”

Need more information? Contact me today!

Email: Gil [at] MyMarketingHandyman [dot] com

Phone: 813-489-9596

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Experienced • Affordable • Smart Solutions

Marketing Handyman Gil Effron works by phone, fax, email, and Skype in all 50 states!

Let’s get to work and get your job done!

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