“Please help me”

It’s easy to ask for help. (Unless, of course, you’re trying to reach tech service at a mega corporation that wants your money but doesn’t want to talk to you.)

Yet people resist asking for help. Perhaps it’s because they want to figure things out on their own or they want to be totally independent.Information Desk 2

I believe many business owners – especially owners of smaller businesses – try to do things on their own to save money. They focus more on the upfront expense of doing something than on the potential return on investment.

Sometimes, we think we can do something on our own, but the outcome doesn’t live up to our expectation. It’s not as well thought out or professional as it should be.

I’ve never been shy about asking for help. I find that when I ask I save the time and money. If it’s a one-time task –– something I’ll probably never do again –– I never hesitate to ask for help for no other reason than it eliminates the learning curve. That saves me time, money, and hours of frustration.

Of course, when you’re asking for help, it helps to ask someone who knows how to help. Asking the wrong person rarely produces an exceptional outcome.

When we ask the right person for help, we wind up with a better solution and outcome. We’re able to move forward with greater confidence.

That’s what prompted me to develop My Marketing Handyman. Because business owners have lots of questions and they need professional help when it comes to marketing, promotion, advertising, and closing more business in less time, I wanted to be there for them… with good answers and professional help.

Whether they’re at their wits end or determined to increase the effectiveness of their marketing and their ability to close more business in less time, My Marketing Handyman is designed to give business owners competent, experienced, and authoritative help.

It never hurts to ask for help.

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