Post a review on Amazon

I’m hopeful the ideas below will help you accomplish the task of writing and posting a review on with a minimal amount of interruption to your day. (My wish, when I asked you to do this favor, was that it wouldn’t become an inconvenience.)

Suffice it to say, the sooner you are able to post the review, the better. However, I’ll be grateful whenever it posts.

If at any time you get bogged down about the process or what to say, please call me at 347-920-3272. I’m sure, in a matter of minutes, I can help you get on track and actually enjoy the process!

Here are some ideas for how to accomplish write and publish the review.

About reviews on Amazon:

Most of the reviews on Amazon aren’t actually book reviews. They’re more like testimonials – how and why the reader liked the book, found it helpful, and/or would recommend it to others.

You may wish to take a quick look at what people said about my earlier book, How to Give Your Business an Extreme Marketing Makeover.

As I mentioned in my email to you, it is not necessary to read the entire book to write a review or testimonial. Some people scan through or read a part of the first or last chapter or flip to a page somewhere in the middle. They find something that sticks out and they comment on that. They also relate it to their own experience in marketing and sales.

To make things easier, I recommend you write your review/testimonial/comments in Word so that you can copy and paste them into Amazon when you get to that point.

Posting the review:

Amazon makes this very easy. Please follow these steps, but if you get stuck, please feel free to call me.

  1. Click on this link: How to Close More Business in Less Time
  2. Directly under my name, you’ll see the 5 stars that I cherish so much and a link to the reviews already posted. Click there.
  3. Follow Amazon’s instructions and, at the appropriate time, paste your review.

What to say and what not to say:

Naturally, I’m hopeful you will say good, positive things about the book and that you’ll give it 5 STARS before you log off.

I prefer that you do not reference my request about writing the review or being personally acquainted. These are supposed to be “impartial” comments (but many authors prime the pump by having people they know get things started).

Thanks again!

It sometimes takes Amazon a few days to post a new review. But check back. They ultimately post all of them. I’ll also be watching.

When you have time, I sincerely hope you’ll read the book and share it with others you know.

Thanks very much!