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Close More Business in Less Time

Most business owners I talk with like the sound of that. And they’re very quick to ask me HOW they can do that.

There’s a short answer and a longer answer.

The short answer, of course, is that I’m an author. You’re visiting my website so you’re aware of my newest book, How to Close More Business in Less Time.vintage watch

In the book, I explain how thinking about marketing and sales as two distinctly separate activities opens the floodgates to ineffective and inconsistent results. Then, I proceed to connect the dots between marketing and the sales process and demonstrate exactly how that brings about a better result.

One of the examples – a case study in the book – has to do with a home remodeling company. If you take the time to read the case study (and I hope you do), you’ll see why it has inspired other business owners to seek me out and contact me.

Very briefly, this home remodeling company was relatively new in business when I first met them and started coaching and consulting with them. In a matter of months we were able to strengthen their entire marketing initiative, dramatically improve their closing ratio, improve their bottom-line profitability, and position them as the up-and-coming high-end home remodeling company in the wealthiest community in the entire city. And we accomplished most of it with strategy, not by throwing a bunch of money at the wall. I love sharing the story, too, because it continues to have such a very happy ending.

Another example deals with an accounting and bookkeeping business and yet another with an online business.

The principles work the same regardless of industry, size of business, years in business, and so on. They also apply to start-ups.

I mentioned earlier there was a longer answer. Here it is:

There are times when business owners need more than a book. When that occurs, I’m available to work one-on-one with them not only to help them increase the effectiveness of their marketing and sales process, but more importantly to help them build a more successful and profitable business.

It doesn’t matter where you’re located. We work by phone or Skype – usually for about an hour a week, but sometimes longer if and when needed. I don’t offer a set “program.” Everything I do is 100% personalized and customized to your business and your situation. No cookie cutter solutions.

To learn more about my private coaching and consulting services, CLICK HERE. Describe your primary challenges to me. Then provide me with your phone number and the best days/times for me to reach you. I usually respond within 24 to 48 hours. But if you’re experiencing a meltdown, please don’t hesitate to call me directly at 800-226-2428.

We’ll talk about your situation and I’ll tell you more about how I can help — my coaching and consulting services and my fees.

Gil Effron