Profitable Growth for Home Remodelers

brian testimonial1Testimonials like that inspired me to write a book and to find a way to work directly and affordably with business owners like you.

So my question for you today is:

  • Are you completely satisfied with the way things are working for you in your business today?
  • Or are you serious about doing whatever it takes to grow your home remodeling or home improvement business, and to increase sales and profitability?

If you’re really wanting to grow, the timing couldn’t be better.

  • Many industry experts are extremely optimistic about the positive trend they see regarding consumer spending on home remodeling and home improvement projects.
  • Some of the published projections I’ve seen recently range from a few percentage points to double-digit growth.

That tells me the door is wide open for remodelers and for home improvement companies to grab a sizable share of a new wave of consumer spending.

So how do you grab a sizable chunk of that consumer spending? I’ve found the key to experiencing rapid and extraordinary growth correlates directly with your ability to…

Close MORE business In LESS Time!

The owners of home remodeling or home improvement businesses who have read my book or worked with me personally know exactly what I’m talking about.

Not only do they understand WHY their success and profitability is tied directly to their ability to close more business (and better business) in less time, but they also learn precisely HOW to close more business (and better business) in less time!

Read my book or work with me privately!

By way of introduction, my name is Gil Effron. I’m a business and marketing strategist. I’m also the author of a new book entitled How to Close More Business in Less Time. The book is CMB cover 3D sml.available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and my website. Click here.

While I am confident my book will help you effectively capture your share of that increased consumer spending, I also know from experience there are times when owners of home remodeling or home improvement companies need more than a book.

They need an expert like me to talk to and work with––one who knows and understands their business and can provide them with information, advice, and answers to help them improve their situation today, whether… 

  • They’re poised to take their business to the next level…
  • Or when they’re bogged down, working longer and harder than ever while their bank account becomes more and more anemic.

The results I get when working one-on-one are extraordinary. For example, I worked with a remodeling company that was trying to make a dent in their local market. Through working with them privately they were able to…

  • Strengthen their entire marketing initiative
  • Dramatically improve their sales presentation effectiveness
  • Significantly improve their closing ratio
  • Grow their bottom-line profitability
  • Position their organization as the up-and-coming high-end home remodeling company in the wealthiest community in the entire city!

The best part of this story is they accomplished it with strategy, not by throwing a bunch of money at the wall (because they didn’t have a lot of money to throw).

Are you satisfied with how things are going today? Or are you chomping at the bit to grab more?

Whether you are poised for profitable growth and ready to take your business to the next level or you find yourself bogged down, working longer and harder than ever before, but not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel, I can help.

For starters, take a few minutes to learn more about my books and my private coaching and consulting services here at my website.

What my website won’t tell you is that the most satisfaction I get personally is when I work one-on-one with a business owner like you who knows the remodeling business, knows how to deliver a great finished product, but hasn’t found the blueprint to transform that into a money-making machine.

Let’s start with a get-to-know-each-other conversation. No cost; no obligation. Here’s how:

Click this link: Tell me about your vision. Or tell me what’s keeping you awake at night — where you’re bogged down. Be sure to include your phone number and the best days/times for me to reach you. I’ll reach out to you by phone.

Or, if this letter reaches you when you’re experienc­ing a major meltdown and you feel you’re in over your head, call me directly at 877-447-1677. (In the event I can’t answer personally, I’ll do my best to get back to you right away.)

When we talk, you can tell me about your situation. Then I’ll outline how I work, the services I provide (as well as the ones I don’t), and my affordable fee structure. I’ll also explain how we can work effectively by phone, Skype, and email regardless of where each of us is at any given time.

Whether we wind up working together or not doesn’t matter. I’m sure we’ll both gain and learn from the time we spend together.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Gil Effron

P. S.  One last thing. I have time to work with only a handful of remodeling businesses at any given time. If you are committed to building a profitable and highly successful business, please contact me today. As of right now I can accommodate one or two more, but I can’t promise what tomorrow will bring.

The ball is in your court to open the door at and request an initial conversation. Describe your primary challenges and tell me what keeps you up at night. Be sure to include your phone number, and let me know the best days/times to reach you.

Having a major meltdown? Call me today at 877-447-1677. I can help stop the bleeding.