Self-promotion for one-man or one-woman bands

For most of my business career, I’ve been a solo practitioner – specifically a business and marketing consultant.

As a solopreneur, I’m chief cook and bottle washer. I like it and wohotdogcart3uldn’t want it any other way.

I prospect, court, pitch, write proposals, and close deals. I run back to my desk to do the work. (It’s excellent work!) And when it’s done, I send an invoice. The check comes in. I put on my bookkeeper hat and make a bank deposit.

It sounds like a chore but, admittedly, I love what I do.

The overriding challenge is that when I’m working, I’m not promoting myself or touting my work. I’m not writing blog posts, sending emails, or making phone calls. And I’m not networking and getting out among other business people.

Is this sounding all too familiar?

My answer was to write a book – a book intended to make the marketing world sit up and take notice as it connected the dots between marketing and the sales process.

Well, the world didn’t sit up and take notice of How to Close More Business in Less Time because I still had the same nasty problem of self-promotion. So, now I needed to promote the book.

A longtime friend says, “Gil, you should become a best-selling author.”

He proceeds to outline a process in which I promote my book on Amazon for one day only. He says, “Drop the price of the digital edition of the book to 99¢. You won’t get rich, but you’ll sell a lot of books. And selling a hundred or so books in one day will make you an Amazon Best Seller.”

So, I thought I’d try it. I picked Tuesday, May 2, 2017, as the one and only day for this promotion. I set up a landing page at to help explain my deal and how it works. Most importantly, I’m promoting the heck out of this. We’ll see what happens.

Now, here’s the revelation – and what I believe is one of the answers for those of us who are solopreneurs and need to promote ourselves. When I made a personal commitment to promote the book and become an Amazon Best Seller, I began treating the project as though it was a client project.

I always get my client’s work done and I always deliver on time. It’s working. I’m now my own client allocating time each week to work on promoting my most important and valuable client – ME! And, of course, my book.

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