Everything starts with a process

Highly creative and talented people – artists, writers, composers – don’t seem to have a process. The artist, for example, sits down at her easel, takes out a brush, dips it into some paint and begins painting. As we watch, the canvas comes aliProcess Blackboardve with shape and color. We wonder, “How does she do that? There’s no process. She just starts painting.”

Well, as with all creative people, the artist does have a process. We just don’t see it.

But it started with a process. Way back when the artist learned a process that incorporated specific techniques that she could use as her skills progressed. The process became automatic… natural… and effortless. And it continues to evolve.

I see the same thing in the world of marketing and sales. A highly-polished, effective marketing campaign instantly motivates people to act, buy now, or sign on the dotted line. We watch a business owner or sales manager making a presentation that seems to flow effortlessly from beginning to end – until the sale is won. But we don’t see the process nor does the prospect or buyer realize there is a process.

One of the points I make in How to Close More Business in Less Time is that while every process can be studied, analyzed, measured, and improved, there comes a time when the process seems to become so engrained in our mind that we’re not consciously thinking about it. It becomes less effective. That’s the problem. A sales process running on automatic pilot opens the door to mistakes and errors.

That’s why it’s so important to review and re-chart the sales process periodically. Think of it like changing the oil in your car every three thousand miles or visiting your dentist every six months.

When you review your sales process, you’ll see areas where you need to make changes, speak to new constraints, modify your value propositions, shorten the sales cycle, and so on. You’ll also be able to identify where marketing can better support your newly refreshed sales process.

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