“You can’t steer a boat that’s tied to the dock”

Boat to dockYou’ve heard the story of the man who prays continually about winning the lottery. He’s resolute in his prayers, but nothing happens. He doesn’t win. He doesn’t even come close. After many months of praying a loud voice from heaven speaks to him. “I can help you, but first you must buy a lottery ticket.”

As a business consultant and marketing strategist, I’ve seen how businesses get so bogged down in planning and the what-if process they never launch, never take action.

They’ll argue about this or that. They’ll discuss options and debate opinion after opinion with their team members and inner circle. They’ll discuss what would or would not work without ever setting it adrift so the marketplace can speak and respond to them.

It is only when you untie that great plan or idea from the dock and add some forward motion, some momentum, can you modify your course, restate and improve your value proposition, rewrite your offer, or reach out to an entirely different market segment.

The good news is you don’t have to venture far from the dock. Leaving the dock only a few feet allows you to test the winds and water. On a small scale you listen to your market and you learn. When you begin to find a viable course, you keep increasing your speed.

But here’s the rule: You can never return to the dock. Instead you keep moving forward making course changes along the way – some slow, some fast; some minor, some major… always building on what you learn.

Like life itself, launching a business, a product, or a service is a journey every bit as much as it is a destination.

© 2016 Gil Effron

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