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Learn how to write like a marketing pro in only 30 minutes

MarketVid’s Friday Webchat featuring Gil Effron Tricky headline, I know, but in my dark and sordid past in advertising I learned to write headlines and get attention in some sneaky ways. What I’m really trying to say in that headline … Continue reading

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Marketing writing is a horse of a different color

More and more, marketing words in print, email, video, or on a website become our “solitary salesperson” with the responsibility of attracting attention and, ultimately, closing the sale without any additional support or intervention. But marketing writing is different than … Continue reading

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Are you using online video?

Online video marketing can be a powerful tool. Some experts say indispensable. From my perspective, however, I see too many businesses and individuals not doing it as well as they could or should. Here’s the best way I’ve found to … Continue reading

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