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Meet My Marketing Handyman

Growing up in a middle-class neighborhood, my buddies and I were in awe of Mr. Smith (his real name) and his garage workshop. He was a retired mechanical engineer with more tools than any of us had ever seen. From … Continue reading

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Who Killed The Business?

Every now and then a project comes along that takes me far afield of my customary activities. Here it is: As a member of  the business committee of Tampa’s Centre Club, we looked for a program that would not only … Continue reading

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Could you sell your business today?

Throughout my life, I’ve been amazed at how much easier it is to buy something than to sell it. For example, in my life, I’ve owned seven boats. There came a time in the life of each of those boats … Continue reading

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Would you hire yourself?

Before you answer, let me answer because I asked myself that question just this morning as I found myself bouncing around from one task to the next. My honest, honest answer: “No. Absolutely not.” Knowing what I know about me, … Continue reading

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Too small to fail

Remember not too long ago when financial institutions were in trouble and Washington and the mainstream media kept telling us they were “too big to fail” – in other words, too important to allowto fail? I think they got it … Continue reading

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How to topple the competition

I was more than a little surprised to learn that the Federal government considers businesses with fewer than 500 employees and sales of $7 million or less as “small businesses.” Somehow, I thought small was a lot smaller than that … Continue reading

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