Testimonials should tell a story

Whether you are selling face to face or writing a marketing piece, most experts agree that using and including stories is an extremely effective way of getting your point across. This is equally true in testimonials.

Too many testimonials simply fail to tell a before and after story. In other words, the testimonials talk only about the success – the finished product. Sure, that’s nice to hear and it’s important, but it’s not nearly as strong as framing that success by comparing it to the before.

For example, “Before we started working with XYZ Company, we our computer network was down several times a month, and always at the most critical times of the month. We talked to lots of companies. Many tried to help. But none seemed to work it out.” Pretty compelling story, I’d say. It graphically paints the before story.

As a reader, you’re not only waiting to know what happens next, you want to know. “A business friend told me about XYZ Company. We called them. They arrived the very next day and went right to work. Within two hours, the certified technician that they sent came into my office and gave me the diagnosis. I felt he really had a grasp on the problem and how to solve it. A couple of hours later, the technician came back into my office and said, ‘It’s fixed.’ It has now been five months and no more crashes or lost days.”

By presenting the “before” (the problem, the crisis, the trouble, issues, and all the bad things) and following that up with the “after” (the quality outcome and result) you are able to tell a powerful story.

But getting happy satisfied clients write their story and send it to you is a little tricky. They’re not writers and they don’t know how to write a before and after testimonial. When Will Rico and his team intervene, the testimonials RaveAbout.Us obtains on behalf of clients from their customers yields great stories that increase the value of the testimonial.


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