The best marketing activity for the job

Throughout the process of creating the ideal sales process, I’ll ask, “What could we do earlier in the sales process that would speed, shorten, or simplify reaching this point while at the same time maximizing overall efficiency and increasing the effectiveness of the entire sales process?”

Most of the answers to this question result in marketing solutions or activities that are really very simple, logical, and ultimately inexpensive to implement.

For example, a handout describing a good-better-best pricing option early in the sales presentation could be extremely supportive of moving the transaction forward and dealing with points of constraint relating to price. A popup window attached to a shopping cart that says, “purchase $100 today and we pay the shipping” may be just the incentive the customer needs to jump from the $70 purchase they were going to make to a larger sale.

The point that I want to make is that marketing doesn’t need to be slick or glitzy. It just needs to be functional and relevant. Everything should be tried, tested and tweaked so that it can be made better.

I explain this in greater detail in the book How to Give Your Business and Extreme Marketing Makeover.

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