The fast, easy, and effective way to get great testimonials

There are no two ways around it. Third-party testimonials are a powerful marketing tool. (Some say they are “indispensable” in today’s highly competitive marketplace.)

And depending on who you ask, the experts tell us that what satisfied clients say about us is 10 to 12 times more powerful than anything we could say about our self.

But as valuable as testimonials are on your website, in your sales literature, in email marketing, in a newspaper ad, in your pitch book, or in a one-on-one sales presentation, testimonials are only effective IF YOU OBTAIN THEM from satisfied customers… and when you use them properly so that you derive maximum value and the greatest possible advantage from them.

The problem is that getting testimonials and developing a strategy for how best to use them takes time and so many businesses don’t try

My long time friend and colleague Will Rico and I have solved that conundrum by introducing RaveAbout.Us.

RaveAbout.Us is about making businesses look good. That’s our primary and sole mission… to boost their image and keep it there.

We accomplish that on their behalf by contacting their most satisfied customers and interviewing them.

We transform that interview into a fully edited longer version of a written testimonial plus a number of “callout quotes” (best described as one-liners or sound bites). The callout quotes are extremely versatile because they are short and can be used just about everywhere.

RaveAbout.Us keeps our clients legal, too. In addition to the testimonials and callout quotes, our client companies receive a copy of the customer’s signed release giving them permission to use their name in various marketing materials, support pertaining to how best to incorporate these testimonials into their marketing materials and website, and more.

Most importantly, RaveAbout.Us is about getting the job done. Because obtaining solid, strong, and 100% legal testimonials is burdensome and time-consuming for many businesses, RaveAbout.Us is an ideal alternative.

Will and I invite you to explore RaveAbout.Us and download a FREE whitepaper entitles How to Develop a Fail-safe System for Obtaining and Utilizing Testimonials. The 14-page whitepaper is filled with great ideas… and it even points out how to avoid the legal traps and enormous FTC fines that can result from using bogus testimonials.

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