The Resume Revolution

As you may know from my previous post, Richard Zeitz and his team have launched… an incredible multimedia resume and personal branding website. Purzue is destined to revolutionize the way people create resumes, distribute them, and get jobs.

Richard has given me permission to help people I know – those just graduating from college and anyone looking for employment – 90 days of Purzue FREE. (Their standard offer is for 30 days free.)

The problem is that I don’t know many people who are just graduating from college or looking for employment. But you may.

So here’s the deal on the 90 days of Purzue free. Between now and June 30, people you know who are just graduating from college and anyone looking for employment can go to and sign up for the PRO version (regularly $9.95 per month).

When the system prompts for a promo code, enter Gil4Purzue. That will give you the 90 days free. Remember that after June 30, the promo code will disappear.

Now, between you and I, I don’t care how many of these you give away… just so you give them to people who are serious about finding a job and who will appreciate this offer.

I encourage you to look at The features are unending… such as the opportunity to upload and imbed videos, create a great resume in a matter of hours, set an appointment and hold a Face2Face Skype-like interview, import a profile directly from LinkedIn, generate a cover letter, create and maintain multiple resumes, see stats on when a hiring manager or recruiter open the resume, and much more.


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