Warm and sunny

Prior to moving to New York, my wife Sandy and I lived in Palm Harbor, Florida. It’s a beautiful area close to water and to Tarpon Springs and it’s incredible density of outstanding Greek restaurants and culture.

When we sneak the opportunity to get away for a week or so, heading south seems like a great solution to too much cold weather and snow. Above all, it’s a great time to visit old friends, neighbors, and a few relatives. Grandson Mark (now 5 months old) lives in Savannah with his parents. So we stopped there. Granddaughter Katie (age 4) and her parents live just north of Palm Harbor. So we spent time with her.

It’s also a time for me to clear my head of my day-to-day responsibilities with clients and the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce.

Along the way, my phone rang. Rick Dearborn with Principia College in Elsah, Illinois, had an idea he wanted to run by me. We toyed with that for a while. It’s actually a great idea and I think he’s on to something.

Part of my trip always includes some time at the beach. I’m not a beach person and can’t and won’t sit in the sun for hours baking myself. But I enjoy watching the people and the boats go by.

Clearwater Beach

The Gulf of Mexico is huge. Standing on the shore and looking out, there’s nothing but water.

I always equate that immensity of that body of water and an endless sky with opportunity. Just as it seems there is no end to either, there is no end to opportunity.

All it takes to open the door to opportunity is a little creative thinking, such as the idea Rick shared with me.

One of the things that thrills me the most is how fortunate we are today to have so many technological tools at our disposal to implement a great idea like Rick’s in record time… and to do it extremely well. As Winton Churchill of Barefoot Consultants often says, “We have the resources of the entire world at our disposal.”

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