Watching winter on television

I just realized how long it’s been since I posted a blog — almost three months.

Well, there’s good reason. Or, at least, there’s a reason.Moving van I moved. After seven years in New York City, it was time to return to the land of sunshine — Florida. That move happened for me officially on October 1st.

People ask why I’m moved. At the top of the list is the weather. Some like it hot and I’m one of those guys. Winter and I just don’t get along and the last two winters in New York left me with two options: Hibernate or move back to the Tampa area.

The other reason is that I’m now back among family and friends, sunny skies, sandy beaches, and no snow.

So if you’re looking for me, you can find me in a Greek restaurant in Tarpon Springs, chasing alligators down U.S. Highway 19, taking the grandkids for ice cream, or at my desk. (This isn’t retirement. Life in Florida only sounds like retirement.)

My email addresses remain the same. However, here’s the new mailing address and telephone:

12121 Little Road, Suite 303
Hudson, Florida 34667

The best part about New York –and the one that’s the most difficult to put behind – are the many great people I met, the colleagues and clients we had the opportunity to work with, and the friendships we built. Those friendships, thankfully, will be with me forever. And as for winter. I’ll watch that on television.


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