Who Killed The Business?

Every now and then a project comes along that takes me far afield of my customary activities. Here it is:

As a member of  the business committee of Tampa’s Centre Club, we looked for a program that would not only be educational, but also entertaining. Most importantly, we looked for something that would be highly interactive for the audience.

Of course there’s nothing more interactive than a mystery dinner theatre. With two other members of the committee, we came up with a theme: Who Killed the Business?”

The script is written, the actors selected, and the chef at the Centre Club has great eats in store for all of us. If you want to find out who did it, you’ll want to attend. As the primary writer of the production and one of the actors, I don’t even know whodunit!

See how good you are at finding the answer to who did it, how, and why on Friday, October 2, 2015.

half page mystery5 v03b

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