“Who Killed the Customers?” Returns!

Actors from the Centre Club’s Killer Cast have been invited to bring “Who Killed the Customers?” to West Pasco Chamber of Commerce’s Business Development Week, January 23 through January 27, 2017.

In addition to original cast members Loren Murfield, Thanecha Anderson, David Scott, Tom Panaggio, and myself, we’ll be joined by Pasco Economic Development cast members John Walsh, Krista Covey, and Jet Hall and West Pasco Chamber cast members Chip Wichmanowski and Debby Jenkins.

The luncheon performance will be held at the Verizon Center, 8718 Trouble Creek Road, New Port Richey at noon on Friday, January 27, 2017. Advanced reservations are required. For information and reservations contact West Pasco Chamber of Commerce at (727) 842-7651.

This is the first time we’ve taken one of our Mystery Theatre productions on the road. We’re excited to see how it plays out. As always, “Who Killed the Customers?” will be challenging and fun for the audience as they attempt to identify the killer or killers of Zero Service Corporation and even more fun for the actors as they bring their respective characters to life.

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