Who Killed the Customers?

who-killed-the-customers1Last year’s production of “Who Killed the Business?” was so successful, we decided it was time for a sequel. So here comes the Centre Club Business Committee’s original 2016 production of “Who Killed the Customers?”

It was a logical next step because every business is challenged with issues pertaining to customer service. As consumers, we know more about poor customer service than we know about good customer service. We experience the poor far too often.

There are exceptions, of course. And the good customer service businesses continue to grow.

Being the author, producer, director, and copyright holder also gives me the right to play the part of Henry Bigcheese, founder and CEO of Zero Service Corporation.

Henry knows his most important customers are being killed. But he needs your help to determine who the killer or killers are. Could it be the CFO, customer service manager, field service technician, parts manager, or one of the other not-to-be-trusted employees? You’ll need to pay close attention.

Make your reservation today by calling the Centre Club at 813-286-4040. You’ll laugh and you’ll learn. Guaranteed!

Great menu choices when you call to make your reservation. Yes, there is a cash bar.

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