Who Killed the Family Business?

In 2015, Centre Club Business Connection Committee (the committee in which I currently serve as chair) needed an event: something theatrical. My recommendation was that to make it truly effective, it needed to be more than actors speaking to a passive audience. It needed to be totally interactive.

That led us to think mystery dinner theatre. Two other committee members joined me in attending a mystery dinner theatre production in St. Petersburg. At the conclusion of what we saw as an amateur program, we agreed we could do better. And we could make ours truly valuable to our audience by adding a business theme. That saw the creation of our first production, “Who Killed the Business?”

It was fun and it was educational. With so many thumbs up, we produced an entirely new mystery dinner theatre production in 2016 entitled “Who Killed the Customers?”

This year, we’re producing still another all new production entitled “Who Killed the Family Business?” If you know anything about family businesses (and even if you don’t) you’re in for a real treat.

Plan to join us on Friday, September 22, 2017.

By the way, the production isn’t scripted. The cast uses improv to work our way through the scenes. We never know exactly what will happen. One thing is for sure, If you pay attention, you’ll be able to determine who is pulling the rug out from underneath the family and the family business!

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