Why is marketing writing so complicated?

Many years ago, I owned and operated a small boutique agency in Cleveland. Extremely talented artists were easy to find. However, finding even a solitary writer that knew anything about marketing was like trying to find a needle in that proverbial haystack.

Ultimately – unable to find talented writers or copywriters that knew anything about marketing and/or the relationship of marketing to the sales process – I taught myself, mostly by trial and error. It took a while, but I became extremely proficient and effective as a marketing writer.

Although (way back when) I never though of myself as a writer, I learned from my own experience that marketing writers aren’t born, they’re made. Marketing Writing IS a skill that CAN be learned.

MarketVid, The International Marketing Video Association, has invited me to be their guest on an upcoming 30-minute live Friday Webchat to talk about marketing writing and how it’s different from other forms of writing.

I’ll be speaking to such questions and issues as:

  • Is marketing writing an art or a science?
  • What’s the best way to learn to master marketing writing?
  • What are the principles of effective marketing writing?
  • Why it’s imperative to think strategically and develop the offer before you pen to paper or fingers to keys?

You’re invited to join me for this live Friday Webchat on Friday, February 17, at 2:30 ET. To learn more and to register, click here. There’s no cost for the Webchat, but registration is required.

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