All businesses need an extreme marketing makeover

Here’s why I say that all businesses need an extreme marketing makeover. For one thing, marketing wears out. It loses its effectiveness. It does so because the world is constantly changing.

Secondly, throughout the years, businesses implement a number of marketing strategies and programs. Some stick around long after they lose their effectiveness. They become part of the culture, “because we’ve always done it that way.”

Add to that that businesses usually don’t quantify the effectiveness of individual marketing components, and I contend they really don’t know what they have, what’s working, and what individual marketing elements are doing to support their mission.

In other words, they don’t calculate return on investment for individual marketing elements. They literally don’t know what they have, and they don’t look to see if it’s actually supporting their sales efforts.

As I reflect back on the clients I’ve worked with throughout the years and think about what was wrong, I now know that many problems occurred simply because marketing was not in tune with the sales process and it did not adequately support the sales process.

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