How I learned to write like a marketing pro

I learned to write the hard way.

Many years ago I owned and operated a boutique advertising agency in Cleveland. It was easy for me to find talented artists and designers. In some respects, they were a dime a write like a pro cover3 v03dozen. But it was impossible to find marketing writers – writers who knew how to sell using only the written word.

There was one exception. Her name was Donna. I hired her based merely on the cover letter that accompanied her resume. I read her page-and-a-half letter, completely ignored the resume, walked into my assistant’s office and said, “Mary, this is the one. Get her in here right away!”

Just a year or two out of college, Donna was an exceptional marketing writer. How she learned it, I don’t know. Where, I never knew. Perhaps she was born with the talent.

The problem was that Donna didn’t stay very long. Within four or five months, one of the larger marketing firms in the city offered her a position – and a lot more money than I was prepared to pay.

At that point, I determined two things.

First, no way was I going to waste time footslogging through hundreds of resumes from self-proclaimed writers who didn’t bother to take the time to write and include a cover letter to sell themselves the way Donna did.

Second, if I wanted something done right, I had to do it myself!


That meant that I needed to become a marketing writer. But where to begin?

Trial and error

Instead of dumping direct mail solicitations into the trash, I studied them. Actually, I dissected them one by one in order to determine why they worked –– or why I thought they didn’t.

I spent the most time with long-copy solicitations. By doing so, I could see exactly how the writer stepped me through a sales process or pitch — how they created excitement to make me want to buy and how they created a sense of urgency to make me want to write a check today. (Not all of them did!)

I read books and how-to articles on copywriting.

I tried to locate a marketing writing coach. There weren’t any. At least I couldn’t find anyone I felt could provide me with the guidance I needed.

It became obvious that my only answer was trial and error.

It really wasn’t a bad answer because the reality is the only way to learn to write like a marketing pro is to write.

You need to sit down with pen in hand or with fingers on a computer keyboard and write. That’s exactly what I did.

I didn’t learn to write overnight. But I did learn. And I’m happy to share some ideas with you that will help you become a better marketing writer.

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