Write like a pro

If you want to write like a marketing pro,
you first need to think like a marketing pro!

I learned to write the hard way.

I was running a boutique marketing agency in Cleveland. It was easy to find talented artists and designers, but impossible to find marketing writers who knew how to sell using only the written word.

There was one exception. Her name was Donna. I hired her based entirely on the cover letter that accompanied her resume. I read the letter, ignored the resume completely, old typewriterwalked into my assistant’s office and said, “Get her in here. She’s the one!”

Just a year or two out of college, Donna was an exceptional marketing writer. How she learned it, I don’t know. Where, I never knew. Perhaps she was born with the talent.

The problem was Donna didn’t last long. Within four months one of the largest marketing agencies in the city offered her a position – and a lot more money than I was prepared to pay.

At that point, I determined two things.

First, no way was I going to waste my time footslogging through hundreds of resumes from self-proclaimed writers who didn’t bother to include a cover letter to sell themselves the way Donna did.

Second, if I wanted something done right, I had to do it myself.

That meant I needed to become a marketing writer. But where to begin?

Trial and error

Instead of dumping direct mail solicitations or sales letters into the trash, I studied them. I dissected them one by one to determine why they worked – or why I thought they didn’t.

I invested the most time analyzing long-copy solicitations. By doing so I could see how the writer stepped me through a sales pitch and how they created excitement to make me want to buy. (Not all of them did!)

I read books and how-to articles on copywriting.

I tried to locate a marketing writing coach. There weren’t any. At least I couldn’t find anyone I felt could provide me with the personal guidance I needed.

It became obvious my only solution was trial and error.

It wasn’t a bad solution because… the only way for anyone to learn to write like a marketing pro is to WRITE.

You need to sit down with pen in hand or fingers on a computer keyboard and write. And that’s exactly what I did.

In time, and through trial and error, I saw the light…

Marketing writing has less to do with
writing and more to do with marketing!

In time, I came to realize marketing writing is both an Art and a Science.

The Science of Marketing Writing includes basic rules, principles, and techniques you need to know to bring about that intended response. I’m talking about…

• Developing a compelling story
• Eliminating pain
• Creating and maintaining a sense of urgency
• Why your “call to action” is so much more than the words “Buy now”
• Speaking to and answering objections before they’re asked
• Setting the buying criteria
• And many others!

The Art of Marketing Writing is about applying and integrating the principles of marketing writing and then putting words together in such a way that they inspire the reader to respond and act.

The art of marketing writing is too complicated to line item in a list of bullet points. But I can tell you that it involves learning from your mistakes, cultivating the craft, and practice and more practice,

What I learned – and what you can learn, too – is the more you learn to think like a marketer the more effective your writing, the more successful you will be as a marketing writer, and the greater your success to persuade prospects to take action.

So, here’s my offer. If you’re ready to devote your energies to mastering the skill…

I can help you learn in weeks what took me months and years to perfect!

Here’s how: I recently collected all my notes, clarified my thinking on how best to teach what I know, and developed an easy-to-follow Handbook for anyone who wants to be a more effective marketing writer.

It’s entitled:

If you want to write like a marketing pro,
You first need to think like a marketing pro!

In this Handbook, I provide specific ideas, strategies, and techniques you can begin to use immediately to think like a marketing pro and, subsequently, become a better marketing writer.

The ideas, strategies, and techniques in the Handbook are a part of my personal checklist –– the things I think about before I put pen to paper. You’ll want to think about these, too:

• Knowing your target market both collectively and individuallywrite like a pro cover3
• Defining your primary and secondary value propositions
• Educating your prospects throughout the entire sales process


• Eliminating all the guesswork so not a single question goes unanswered in the minds of your readers or listeners
• Anticipating buyer objections and addressing them in your marketing writing
• Continually asking for the sale
• And much more!

Available now for a limited time and worth many times more than the price, the Handbook contains shortcuts, strategies, and tips and techniques based on my personal trials and errors… and on many years of experience as a marketing professional and writer.


It helps business owners, freelance writers, and anyone burdened with the responsibility to produce better sales copy or simply wanting to learn to write better:

Michael R., Hoboken, New Jersey –– “I went from being a terrible writer to the best on my team by applying the techniques in Gil’s Handbook. Now the boss comes to me first when we launch a new campaign.”

Jackie B., Tampa, Florida –– “My business is helping companies with their social media. I use Gil’s Handbook as a guide each time I begin a marketing campaign for a new client. It helps me clarify my client’s message and get a stronger response to the campaigns.”

Jay M., Cincinnati, Ohio –– “The Handbook has helped me significantly increase response to my company’s marketing communications and sales materials. Worth many times more than what I paid for the Handbook!”


IF YOU’RE NEW TO MARKETING WRITING, you’ll find the Handbook and the information indispensable. I guarantee you’ll find the ideas, strategies, and techniques in the Handbook extremely eye-opening as they help you connect the dots between a higher level of marketing thinking and improved marketing writing that generate increased sales results.

IF YOU’VE BEEN WRITING FOR A WHILE, the ideas and strategies will give you a uniquely different perspective. In fact, the ideas, strategies, and techniques may help you rethink your entire approach to marketing strategy and planning. They could save you time in the future and help you produce more effective marketing writing in the future.

Download Instantly. Click the “order now” button to place your order your copy of the Handbook today! If You Want to WRITE Like a Marketing Pro, You First Need to THINK like a Marketing Pro will arrive in your inbox in a matter of minutes.

Do it today… because when you learn to think like a marketing pro, your marketing writing will improve, you’ll generate more leads, more sales, and bank more money.

That’s true whether you are the owner of a business seeking insights into how to get better results from your current marketing programs, just getting started in business, or a freelance marketing writer wanting to increase your hourly rate!



Gil Effron


P.S. Texts, emails, websites, direct mail, social media, point of sale, newspapers, publications, radio, television, sales letters, YouTube… there’s no end to the list of communication channels. Regardless of your communication channels of choice, your ability to write like a marketing pro and get measurable results depends on your ability to THINK like a marketing pro!

© 2017 Gil Effron.